Where do you get your pictures from?:
weheartit, flickr, imgfave, submissions from followers and many other sources.

Why don’t you credit your pictures?:
It takes a lot of work. We don’t claim for these pictures to be our own anyways.

Why don’t you put recipes?:
Some of the pictures we find don’t have recipes available for them but if we do stumble upon any, then we post them along the picture.

What are your favorite foods?:

What made you make this blog?:
Nani and Jake posted a lot of food on their personal blogs and a friend suggested they start up a food blog and here we are. However, since then they have quit.

Do you work in food?:
No, we don’t. We just admire food and love it a lot.

I’m hungry.
I’m sorry to hear that. Try finding something in the kitchen or get something quick to eat at your local grocery store.

Can you promote me?:
We don’t promote personality blogs. We used to promote food blogs but we got such an overwhelming amount of messages asking to do so that we decided to just stop.

What’s your policy on suggestions?:

Try to be specific but don’t be a smartass about it either. What we mean by specific is, name a dish. Don’t just give us “Asian food, pasta, ice cream”. Tell us what you want to see specifically. Don’t say, “3 pieces of rib with a spoonful of rice and mashed potatoes”. There are some things we can’t find

What are you favorite desserts?:


Jake: ????

What’s your favorite drinks?:


Jake: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

What does MBPC stand for?:

Meat, beef, pork and chicken

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